We deliver products and services with cultural and intellectual properties, we privilege  the content and not the object Our human resources are talented and qualified professionals, who possess inventive originality Our clients' satisfaction is our best investment


Modelo de negócio 1

Business model

Rooted on Lifestyle and Life Design, always focused in innovation and differentiation...

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Visão estratégica 1

Strategic vision

We choose to perform and offer products and services, differently than our competitors...

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Visão de futuro 1

Forward thinking

Second to None constantly adjusts its products and services to the market needs, being ahead of its competitors...

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equipa 3

Skilled professionals

Our team are qualified professionals, able to work and compete in the global market...

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Diferenciação 2


We deliver products and services with intellectual and cultural properties; we privilege the content and not the object...

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Politica de qualidade 1

Quality policy

Second to None is committed to deliver its clients inimitable and unmatchable quality...

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Soluções à medida 1

Made to measure solutions

We deliver made to measure vertically integrated solutions, to each client...

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Core values

Our clients are strategic partners and our best asset...

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